McCann's Local Meats

McCann's Local Meats is Rochester's locally sourced whole animal butcher shop. We offer a full range of meat choices including dry aged steak, beef ground daily, roasts, sausages, deli meats, bacon, and charcuterie all made in house. 

About Us

Consumers have been making increasingly more socio-political decisions with their food buying. They want to know where their food comes from and what is in it. They are craving the connection with those producers responsible for their food that generations before us had, and since has been lost. The easiest way for consumers to achieve this has been through farmers markets. There they had access to locally grown produce, local baked goods, as well as pickled and preserved goods from local producers. These markets have gone a long way to helping bridge the gap between a community and its farmers, but mostly for only one day a week.

Furthermore, there is a gap in the availability of fresh meat. Some livestock farmers have begun to show up offering their goods, but they are all pre-portioned, pre-packaged and frozen. Farmers are not butchers, and therefore they miss the opportunity to make the most of their animals. This is where McCann’s Local Meats comes in. We will begin where the current market ends, offering a wide variety of fresh meat cuts, sausages, charcuterie, produce, dairy, eggs, and prepared foods six days a week all sourced locally. Our business is as much about service as it is products. We are here to help educate the customer on all of our offerings and how they can best be enjoyed. Often the variety of meats in our case can cause anxiety as customers have not been exposed to specific cuts or their cooking methods. Our butchers and chefs are happy to help and give simple yet delicious resolutions to these culinary dilemmas.

McCann’s Local Meats is all about utilization, but the business is not all about exotic cuts and parts. Our meat cases will be filled with both familiar cuts, such as tenderloin and London broil, and unfamiliar but no less valuable gems, such as Denver steak and Merlot steak. As classically trained Chefs, Kevin and Yeonmo, both of whom are graduates of Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY and trained in some of the top restaurants in NYC, have a broad knowledge of cooking techniques and cuisines from around the world. This compliments Kevin’s proficiency in European style seam butchery. These two factors allow us to offer a wider variety of fresh steaks and roasts than are conventionally available, while offering an array of interesting meals. We make stock from the bones, render pork fat for lard (wonderful in pastries), render beef fat for bird suet (and fill our fryer), we roast pig ears and snouts for dog treats, we make chicharrones from the pig skin, and we even make a supplemental pet food from organ meat.

Our unique advantage starts with meat that comes directly from animals raised on local farms in an ethical and sustainable way with no growth hormones and no preventive antibiotics. McCann’s Local Meats will take great products and apply the classic techniques of this all but forgotten art. We understand the science behind what makes meat more flavorful and tender. To this end, we allow all our meat to hang and air dry for a period of time to maximize its potential. There will be nothing in Rochester like our 35 day dry aged rib eye, NY strip, and sirloins. This type of steak experience, usually only found in the best steak houses of major cities, is what beef is all about. We will grind burger meat fresh daily, link sausages, and produce high quality deli meats all in house. We want to honor the sacrifice of the animal by using virtually everything and this is achieved through culinary knowledge.



Are your meats organic?
The meats we provide are not certified organic. We carry all natural meats from animals who were never administered any growth hormones, steroids, or fed preventative antibiotics.

Are the animals fed GMOs?
Portions of the silage that some of our animals eat contains GMO corn

Are your meats kosher?
We do not participate in Kosher traditions of slaughter or fabrication.

Do you slaughter at the shop?
No. We have partnered with excellent facilities who handle this process in a humane manner for us.

Do you sell Angus beef?
Angus is one of the breeds our farmers have bred into their herd. We’ll also see some Hereford, and Murray Grey in the herds we source from.

What’s the grading on your beef?
Grading is a process that is costly to the farmer, and therefore to the consumer. Unlike USDA inspection, which is mandatory, grading is voluntary and is more geared towards factory farm animals. We don’t require our farmers to grade their beef. Instead, we trust in the breeding and feeding regimen of our farmers to produce a high quality meat.

How long do you age your beef?
All of our Beef hangs for at least 10 days before we fabricate it into the selection you see in our case. This ensures development of flavor and tenderness in a natural and old fashioned way. We then further dry age our Ribs and loins a minimum of 28 days for the decadent steak experience usually only found in high end steak houses in big cities.

Can we buy your meat for our restaurant?
We will be partnering with a small group of restaurants early on and expanding that list as our supply permits.

Do you sell grass-fed chickens?
Chickens do not eat grass. All of our chickens are allowed to roam free during the days and couped at night for their safety. 

Do you have turkey for Thanksgiving?
We reserve a limited amount of locally grown, fresh, heritage breed turkeys for Thanksgiving. We start taking reservations after Labor Day. Quantities and sizes are limited so please plan ahead so that we can take care of your holiday needs.

Are your prepared foods gluten-free?
Many of our foods are gluten free, feel free to ask about any specific item. Our chefs are also happy to take special orders for gluten free versions of any of our dishes.

How do I reserve some meats for my upcoming event?
Call or stop by. We’ll take your order specifics, contact information, and a 25% deposit to secure your products. The nature of our supply requires planning to coordinate, so please order well in advance.

How come you are not stocking up enough rib-eye steaks or tenderloins?
All of our meats come from the whole animals we bring in. The result is what we refer to as the “Noah’s Arc Syndrome”, meaning there are only two of each muscle on each animal. The good news is that there are many wonderful cuts of steak and roast that you may never have heard of, but will blow your mind. Allow our butchers to help you find the right one.

Do you make custom-flavored sausages?
There are over 20 kinds of sausages made in house from beef, pork, poultry, and lamb that draw from various ethnic cultures and regions. We also make a wide range of deli meats in house for all your sandwich needs.

Do you cater?
We are happy to provide deli trays, and party subs, as well as pans of cold salads and hot foods for your office lunch, family get-togethers, picnics, back yard barbecues, graduation parties, and all other events.

What’s in your burger grind?
Our ground meat is the best around, and that’s because our butchers understand what makes a good burger. It all starts with whole muscle meat that comes from only one animal, and then we blend it with flavorful fat to make the perfect 80/20 blend that melts in your mouth. Our coarse-ground beef is nothing like the pink slime you find in grocery stores. 

I want to learn butchery. How do I apply for a butcher's apprentice position?
We're planning to have butchery 101 classes on a regular basis once we have the proper time and space within our shop. As for becoming a butcher's apprentice, we require you to start as a cashier to learn the basics of our meats and other products first. If we think you are ready to take the next step AND you are committed, we will train you. We do not hire a butcher's apprentice unless you have WHOLE ANIMAL BUTCHERY experience in an artisan butcher shop like us.