McCann's Local Meats

McCann's Local Meats is Rochester's locally sourced whole animal butcher shop. We offer a full range of meat choices including dry aged steak, beef ground daily, roasts, sausages, deli meats, bacon, and charcuterie all made in house. 


Construction began 2 weeks ago and although it would seem as if not much has been done... these are exciting times for us. This building had nothing in the way of plumbing of HVAC, and very little electric so we really started from a blank slate. Drain pipes leading to the sewer had to be installed which required us to cut into the concrete slab floor and dig into the ground beneath. Of course nothing is easy... the previous business had installed a radiant heating system into the concrete so a layer of pink spray foam insulation, wire grating, and rubber hoses were all inside and beneath the slab; all of which made the cutting a more difficult and time consuming process. The pace of progress sped up due to the heavy equipment brought in for the digging though. We brought in our grease trap (probably the only time this thing will smell pleasant), and set drains for the floors, condensate, and sinks. Next week we'll be finishing everything under the floor with plumbing and laying some electrical conduit as well. All new concrete will be poured over the top Friday and will begin curing over the weekend so that we can get our friends from Alpha Iron in to install posts and support beams for the ceiling and meat rail. Things are going to really start coming together quickly on site... I can feel it. Before I know it we'll be receiving and installing equipment!