McCann's Local Meats

McCann's Local Meats is Rochester's locally sourced whole animal butcher shop. We offer a full range of meat choices including dry aged steak, beef ground daily, roasts, sausages, deli meats, bacon, and charcuterie all made in house. 

Grilling Season Is Back!

Did you take out your grill yet?! Here's some meat that will wake up your grill! We've got burgers, dry-aged burgers, bistro steaks, dry-aged steaks, marinated Korean short ribs, pork chops, sausages, and chickens, along with deli products, and charcuterie products all butchered, ground, brined, cured, roasted, stuffed, smoked, dry-aged, fermented in house right in our shop from local farms within 60 miles of Rochester, all pasture raised on soils not been treated with herbicides and pesticides, and were not given hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. We've got some prepared food and #LocalCraftBeer, @flourcitypasta @fuegocoffee #NYSCheese and other small grocery items to make your grilling easy! Come to your favorite local butcher shop and enjoy the only fresh/dry-aged meats from Rochester, pasture- and sustainably raised, and properly treated! #EatLocal #WholeAnimalButchery #CraftButcher #PastureRaised #NoHormones #NoAntibiotics