McCann's Local Meats

McCann's Local Meats is Rochester's locally sourced whole animal butcher shop. We offer a full range of meat choices including dry aged steak, beef ground daily, roasts, sausages, deli meats, bacon, and charcuterie all made in house. 

Korean BBQ Plate

Good morning, Rochester! Korean BBQ day is here. Come grab grilled marinated short ribs with rice and scallion salad while placing your holiday pre-orders with us! We have a variety of special cuts with different price ranges you can choose from. Talk to our butchers to find out what works the best for you. Our holiday hours are Sat & Sun (22 & 23) 9am-5pm (BOTH with brunch) and closed on Mon and Tue (24 & 25). Treat your family with the best meats in Rochester! #EatLocal #DrinkLocal #WholeAnimalButchery #CraftButcher #PastureRaised #NoHormones #NoAntibiotics #NoHormones